Home Entertainment Vin Diesel Says Marvel Studios Wants Groot Movie “Planet X” to Be Made in the MCU

Vin Diesel Says Marvel Studios Wants Groot Movie “Planet X” to Be Made in the MCU

Vin Diesel Says Marvel Studios Wants Groot Movie “Planet X” to Be Made in the MCU

Given the abundance of new franchises, spin-offs, and continuations of current stories in the Multiverse Saga, the MCU has never been growing as quickly as it is right now. Vin Diesel’s Groot, who appeared in a series of spinoff short films from Guardians of the Galaxy, was one of the most recent heroes to star in his standalone excursion.

James Gunn initially introduced the Guardians as “simply a bunch of a-holes,” but they have subsequently established themselves as well-known figures. With appearances in I Am Groot, Thor: Love and Thunder, a Disney+ Holiday Special, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, fans are currently in the midst of the team’s most significant year to date.

Fans, however, are getting ready to say goodbye to everyone’s favorite group of cosmic misfits as Vol. 3 in the summer of 2023 is predicted to be the final installment of the current edition of the Guardians. The road may not have ended yet, according to one Guardians of the Galaxy star. Vin Diesel, who plays Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, made a picture on Instagram that could have given away Marvel Studios’ intentions to create an MCU film based on the talking tree’s homeworld. Diesel oddly concluded by saying “No surprise Marvel wants to produce the Planet X movie:” after mentioning his niece’s enthusiasm for the most recent I Am Groot Disney+ shorts.

The extraterrestrial civilization from whom Groot hails, the Flora colossus, has its homeworld on Planet X. Like Groot, they communicate in a perplexing tongue that only Rocket Racoon and a select few others can decipher. Diesel may have been kidding about the likelihood of an MCU blockbuster, considering the possibility of Groot starring in a standalone film is currently low. It seems unlikely that Marvel Studios would make Groot the star of a standalone film given how full the studio’s schedule currently is. The talking tree from The Guardians already has a popular run of shorts on Disney+, and at Comic-Con, it was revealed that Season 2 would see its comeback.


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