Home Entertainment Will the final season of Stranger Things feature Megan Thee Stallion?

Will the final season of Stranger Things feature Megan Thee Stallion?

Will the final season of Stranger Things feature Megan Thee Stallion?

Megan Thee Stallion is one of the hottest young rappers on the scene right now . She had roles in P-Valley on STARZ and She-Hulk on Disney+ before switching to Netflix. On her Instagram page, Megan Thee Stallion just shared a number of images, the last few of which were taken on the Stranger Things set. Although the former rapper and current actress didn’t specifically state that she will make an appearance on the show, we are unable to think of any other explanations for why she would be on location.

At first sight, the post doesn’t appear unusual despite Megan’s bright red hair and exquisite outfit in the first few pictures. By the fifth image, Megan is holding up a number of very official-looking cards with Stranger Things written all over them, and she has black widow spiders painted on her nails. The image then captures the artist relaxing in a Netflix chair. The caption of the post offers no clues, making it mysterious and obviously intended to tease admirers. Megan posts three emojis: a spider, a spiderweb, and a heart instead of announcing anything in particular.

Fans were informed in February that this fifth season of the popular Netflix series would be its last. Vecna, an overlord from the parallel world that has been invading Hawkins since Season 1, is the next major bad of the Upside Down who is introduced to viewers in the show. As it turns out, Vecna is actually One, a psychically gifted antisocial boy named Henry Creel who was one of the kids Hawkins Lab experimented on. The boy admired the creature, calling it the most significant of all predators, and later made the Mind Flayer in their likeness.

On each finger, Megan Thee Stallion’s nails are styled like sparkly black widows in her photographs. Even if it’s October and perhaps this is only a sneak peek of her outfit, the Netflix chair gives rise to the possibility that the singer-turned-actress will appear in the next Season 5. Although there are many possibilities for collaboration, hopefully we’ll get a cameo or some vocal talent. .


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